Sicilian Names

Sicilian names can be a real challenge to decide on. There are so many versions of the same name and people even disagree on which is the correct spelling or pronunciation of the name. Sicilian names are obviously also Italian names. If you have Italian or Sicilian names you would like to add (or correct) please let us know.

Does the name you choose for your child help determine their success in life? Don't freak out, but names do have consequences. There are many surveys that show clear differences in perception by society just based on a name. If you want your child to have the best odds at becoming a doctor or a lawyer, give them a name that is closer to the beginning of the alphabet. It's true, names that begin with A, B, D and so on tend to be more successful than R, S and T. Let's face it, people make quick judgements based on a name. It may not be fair, but that is the reality we live in. if a 1000 resumes go out with the name Tyrone and 1000 go out with the name Adam, you can guess who gets more job offers. So what should you do as a parent? Most people would tell you that all this should not matter and you should just pick the name you want, however, knowing that the name you choose can help or hurt your child's future makes it a much more stressful decision. All parents want the best for their child, but not all parents will put so much thought into a name or acknowledge the fact that a name can make a big difference in determining your child's financial future.

Why do people with certain names have different outcomes? Consider the bias that is out there and see if you don't agree with them. Imagine trying to pick out a dentist and you come across the name Smiley or Smiller or White. You check further down the list and you find Brown or Kanker or Decayer. You know you would pick White or Smiley. Now imagine you need a Lawyer and you see these names: Armstrong, Brooks, Hammer. Then you see these names, Weaks, Piper, Quigly. Do you see how some of these lawyers might get more business just with their names? We all would agree to the fact that past results and qualifications would be a much better way of determining which lawyer to choose, but the reality is unfortunately more superficial than that. We live in a world where people make quick decisions and quick first impressions that usually determine their final decisions. When picking a Sicilian name, all those realities may or may not be front and center in determining the name you choose, but perhaps you can still find the name that you want and also give your child the best odds at success. Remember your child's name is for them, not you. What name you choose does say something about you and your child. What is it you want to say? If you decide to pick a name that has the odds stacked against him or her, you should know that up front and be determined to not let that name decide your destiny or your child's destiny.

Are you considering a vacation to Sicily? A trip to Sicily will definitely help you expand your list of names. Traveling to Italy and visiting the small towns of Sicily will surely get you inspired. With the great mountain views, fresh Mediterranean air and friendly faces, what more could you ask for? How about authentic Sicilian food and real espresso for a change? Enjoy the local coffee shops and walking through historic squares. A vacation to Sicily will remind you about the important things in life. Love, family and the simple everyday pleasures.

What to name your child can be a big decision. Some parents get stressed out and disagree completely with their spouse. Sisters, brothers, parents and friends also seem to have their own opinions and it can get overwhelming. Relax.

How bad can picking the wrong name be? If you are looking for a Sicilian name for your new son or daughter, you are giving them a unique name that will likely stand out. Is that a problem or a benefit? These are the questions parents sometimes struggle with.

In the Sicilian tradition, the first born son is named after the dad's father and then the second born son is named after the mother's father. So, it's not uncommon to have 2 names dominate at the big family gatherings. It's a great tradition and can make the decision much easier for those parents that want to keep that Sicilian name tradition going. This is usually discussed well before deciding to have kids and probably before they are even married. If the tradition is important enough, it will have been decided well before the birth.

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Over the years, some Sicilian families have turned to more traditional American names and now that they are grown up, some are wanting to get back to their heritage and are wanting to go back to the Sicilian traditional names for boys and girls.